06 Apr 2007 0759H

Google Call?

Let’s skip over the Google Maps mashup talk for now and look at this piece. When I was surfing for the address of my senior kung fu brother, I found this mysterious call link under the Google map entry.

Google Call

And when you click the link, you get this block.

Google Call 2

Google will call your phone and make the connection for you. How cool is this functionality. That is the seducible moment, right there. Lots of them out there, but this is a great one. Lurv it.

Alright. Now we talk about Google Maps, rather Google MyMaps. Basically, allows you to just start dropping pins down on the page that allow you to give the place some context. And of course included is the functionality to annotate and share maps. Geography is fun again. Go here to learn more.

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10 Apr 2007 0728H

K writes:

I never noticed that! That’s crazy.

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