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14 Dec 2007 1231H

Theme Interview with Kenya Hara

I’m posting here a link to an old 2005 interview that Theme Magazine did with Kenya Hara, MUJI’s design director, and the author of a pretty important book, Designing Design. Theme Magazine, a journal of global Asian culture, is awesome in and of itself, so definitely dwell more when you’re done reading that interview.

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12 Dec 2007 0013H

Still have integration problems at Sears

The Target 5 investigative unit got trotted out on due to shopper snafus on Black Friday, and, remember what I said last year about user experience being such a small part of a large e-commerce enterprise system? Here’s a reminder. There are problems that user experience can’t solve at all sometimes — and if [...]

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10 Dec 2007 0837H

re: Tire Rack, Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S

Just a quickie note on a fabulous recent user experience I had last week. Two Saturdays ago we experienced here in Chi-City what I consider to be an early snowfall and boy was the city caught off guard: sliding, fishing, the whole nine yards. Most surprising of all was how unhappy my dynamic stability and [...]

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08 Dec 2007 0909H

Maybe they’re right

Maybe we’re in another bubble.

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05 Dec 2007 0819H

Tokyo Designers Week

Check out this video at Monocle on Tokyo Designers Week. Why can’t we do something like that here, in every city, so we can promote the ideas, the thinking, the power of design?

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