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12 Jun 2008 0706H

But what happens if you DO happen to be the user?

The famous UX tenet is, “we are not the users.” Let’s not take that so literally. The spirit of that statement, for all the fundamentalists out there, is to avoid making judgments about whole groups of people’s behaviors solely on personal proclivities alone. Now, if you happen to fall into the neighborhood of people that [...]

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09 Jun 2008 0850H

Destroy the Web 2.0 Look and Feel

By way of my colleague Mark. Wholeheartedly agree.

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04 Jun 2008 2214H

Do you make things? Real things?

So I get this email from this guy today. I usually don’t help out grad students generally. As a former academic I try not to get involved now. But the ghost of Victor Papanek won’t let me ignore this one. He said once, “There are professions that are more harmful than industrial design, but only [...]

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04 Jun 2008 0633H

UX dojo-storm-redux:

Back in ’06 we looked at Montauk Sofa site, but it’s been redesigned since then. The Montauk Sofa brand, which is ostensibly an luxury furniture brand, was being represented by a simply bad website. It seems, given the fairly high position of this site’s review on the Google search results, that someone finally listened. We’re [...]

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02 Jun 2008 0624H


Oh. Looks like W-S brands’ UX & Dev teams down at the north end of Van Ness have been hard at work lately. Let’s look the numbers: #21 on the Internet Retailer Top 100, $1.1 billion worth of stuff sold online last year, up 19% from the previous year, 7.1 million visitors a month, 6% [...]

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