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31 Jan 2011 1200H

Why change fails

Here’s something that became pretty clear for me this weekend at UX4Good. While reading the IDEO HCD Toolkit I came across this diagram: This diagram illustrates largely the business demands of the new product development lifecycle and should not be surprising to anyone who does any user experience work. But this is really only one [...]

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30 Jan 2011 2153H

The Postpartum

Starting from Friday 2PM-7PM and on Saturday 8AM-5PM, I was essentially sequestered in a room with 10 user experience designers, all senior people, generally with different lenses, and on Saturday, we were also joined by Dr. Gary Slutkin, the epidemiologist from the UIC School of Public Health and ED of CeaseFire, and LaMont Evans, an [...]

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28 Jan 2011 0028H

Primum non nocere

Starting Friday afternoon, for 24 hours, at a gathering called UX4Good, also known mysteriously also as UXXU, I’ll be one of 40 area UXDs working on one of five social challenges here in the city of Chicago, although really the issues we face could be those in any city in the world: community mental health [...]

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