31 Aug 2010 2259H

Prototyping with Microsoft Sketchflow

Well, bosses sprung for a copy of Expression Blend on my request — our software runs on Windows, we’re a Microsoft shop, so behooves us to find efficiencies and smooth transitions in the development lifecycle in any way possible — spent a few days last week picking it up and playing around with it. The [...]

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02 Dec 2008 1153H

From Seattle IxDA

Great talk by Daniel Cook about interaction design and games: Video: Microsoft Office Labs & Engineering Excellence IxDA Event Part I Daniel Cook

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09 Sep 2008 1235H

Initial reactions to the Let’s Rock event

• Slightly worried at how thin the Man has gotten but he did (sic?) have pancreatic cancer, not exactly easy to shake off as far as cancers go. . . • NBC to return to iTunes. Shocker. So what happens to Hulu? Are they learning from their Olympic success and seeing how far the rabbit [...]

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19 Jan 2008 0909H

Homaru Cantu cooks raccoon

I know I promised to take the food blog stuff out of EID here, but, words cannot describe, so I’m just going to link to it and hope for the best. Monica Eng brings raccoon to Homaru Cantu, the engineer-chef of Chicago’s famed Moto, and he creates a miniature roadkill scene from it. Enjoy.

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15 Aug 2007 1135H

How not to design a form, part 2

As reported back in March, when my third Xbox 360 failed and I was sent a box with instructions on packing it in and sending it back for repairs at the UPS facility in McAllen, Texas, we looked at the form and tried to figure out how to make it better. Well, I have mixed [...]

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24 Jun 2007 1343H

Upgrading to WordPress 2.21

All hands, stand by for some chop ahead. Trying to get a half-dozen things done today before heading out this week to the Motor City and the City of Fountains. Replaced most of the files, probably tackle the rest tonight.

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23 Jun 2007 0751H

Microsoft Surface Send-up

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05 Jun 2007 2148H

re: New MacBook Pros

Okay, never mind the speed bump. Faster computers = nice, sure, but the front side bus is now 800MHz, which is encouraging, and the system can address all 4GB of RAM if it’s installed, unlike before. Never really needed all the RAM in my system anyway, but, good to know. They come standard with 2GB/667 [...]

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31 May 2007 0739H

Are IAs really actually part of an FA/BA team? Are engineers really to blame for bad IxD?

What if information architects are, in fact, the ura to the omote, or the nage to the uke, of the functional/business analyst team? Just throwing this out there. Pardon the pun. Are engineers really to blame for bad interaction design and information architecture? Or is it more the case that the IAs/IxDs really didn’t penetrate [...]

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12 May 2007 0953H

Shameless plug for Sage

I notice most people come to this site via Google Feedfetcher, Bloglines, and Firefox Live Bookmarks, but I wouldn’t be able to get my news without Sage, a plug-in to handle RSS feeds for Firefox browsers, mostly cos I don’t like how Firefox handles the taxonomy for RSS feeds by commingling them along with page [...]

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