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08 Feb 2010 2330H

World’s most helpful dialog

Thank you Borland for your extremely helpful dialog from your very reliable product, CaliberRM. And here’s our winning dialog, which I am now seeing on a regular basis:

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24 Jan 2010 1115H

Example of excise

With apologies to the author, although it’s a brilliant test exercise in coding functionality, this is a perfect example of excise. It seems stuck in beginner mode: if you don’t know the names of months, how many there are, days in a week, hours in a day, minutes in an hour, so on, or what [...]

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26 Nov 2009 0647H

Data visualization of Thanksgiving food trends in America

Fascinating visualization tool of American food trends this Thanksgiving by way of the New York Times.

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21 Nov 2008 0734H

Big change ahead

When I first started as a designer in this field about 12 years ago, one of the first things I remember wanting to design was the information displays on medical devices. It looks like I will finally get my chance! After a few grueling months of interviewing and constantly running into jobs being placed on [...]

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21 Oct 2008 1507H

Progressive disclosure redux

The other day I came across the improper and proper use of progressive disclosure. For those not in the know, progressive disclosure (PD) is a technique we use in interface design, partly to mitigate information overload, to signal that a secondary action is possible, and if selected, information will be solicited from the user. So [...]

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21 Oct 2008 1447H

Are carousels abused?

Probably. We talk about carousels but no one properly seems to know what are the appropriate contexts around when to use them. For those not in the know, carousels are a kind of web user interface widget that essentially displays a subset of a larger set of information in a loop, and typically not only [...]

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08 Sep 2008 0706H

Just because it works in a u-test. . .

doesn’t necessarily mean that the user will be incented (incentivized?) to take an action. In other words, beyond the role that user experience plays in making things findable and easy to use — for those of us who work in e-commerce, anyway — there is this other role we play in promotion of features. For [...]

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26 Aug 2008 0917H

Design for Democracy

Thanks to Ryan for pointing out this opinion piece on the Design for Democracy project. You can also see the interactive piece that shows how it would work. As user experience professionals, and as UPA members, we feel of course that the information design and interaction design are inseparable parts of the entire voting user [...]

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14 Aug 2008 1010H

Frivolity, but, hey: Uniqlock

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05 Aug 2008 0800H

In re: interaction design v. information architecture

At one time, before the dotcom world ended, people would put out these crazy job descriptions where they wanted what used to be called a webmaster: someone who coded, designed, researched, and managed the web services for a company or an organization. They wanted someone who was familiar with major scripting and programming languages, someone [...]

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