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13 Feb 2010 1318H

The Ah Ha moment

just arrived. This morning, doggedly pursuing leads on the internet in my pursuit of my new intellectual project, the history of design in East Asia, I ran across this article by Matthew Turner, a professor at Edinburgh Napier University. In this journal he writes (forgive me for quoting wholesale here): For some time, now, Occam’s [...]

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28 Jan 2010 0022H

Another year, another Apple event

Or was it? I’ve been saying this in various places, but, I think we saw a game changer of an event today. Technologically nothing has changed. But because it addresses emerging markets and unmet user needs, the iPad will change computing as we know it, really make it part of our contemporary everyday experience, almost [...]

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24 Jan 2010 1115H

Example of excise

With apologies to the author, although it’s a brilliant test exercise in coding functionality, this is a perfect example of excise. It seems stuck in beginner mode: if you don’t know the names of months, how many there are, days in a week, hours in a day, minutes in an hour, so on, or what [...]

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28 Oct 2009 1429H

On great user interfaces

Great UI work can’t be done after the fact. Great UI can’t be a patch to things. It can only happen as a result of deep understanding of user needs and user testing. Once the product is rolled out, it’ll take a revolution to change what’s in place.

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01 Sep 2009 1616H

So, what have you been up to?

Sit down, kiddies . . . listen to your ol’ Uncle Gene tell you a story. A little over a year ago, I stopped freelancing at Sears Online Services, where I’d been working for a beta service that Sears was looking at growing called We — meaning a team of about three IAs and [...]

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07 Jul 2009 0847H

Na hören Sie mal

Jemand muss die Interaktion zwischen dem Benutzern und dem System angeben. Sonst macht man nur Grafikdesign.

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12 Jan 2009 1913H

In praise of the Pre

Congrats to Matias Duarte, Wes Yun, and the team who worked on making the Palm Pre’s debut such a success. (If you haven’t seen the launch keynote, check it out.) Backtrack a little over 13, 14 months to a conversation I had with Wes and Matias about working for a project that they could not [...]

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06 Jan 2009 0839H

Why Steve Jobs is so important

They use a technique called genius design for high profile products at Apple. At Apple, that means it has attracted the attention of Steve Jobs, who pushes the design to the level of his satisfaction, which can also be a bad thing. Now with this year’s keynote disappearing, not to disparage Ives and all the [...]

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01 Jan 2009 1640H

‘Lessons which have been paid for so dearly’

The report’s goal, NASA officials said, is to provide a guideline for safety in the design of future spacecraft. In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, N. Wayne Hale, Jr., a former head of the shuttle program, said, “I call on spacecraft designers from all the other nations of the world, as well as [...]

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21 Dec 2008 1647H

Do you matter: how great design will make people love your company

(by Robert Brunner and Stewart Emery with Russ Hall: FT Press, 2008.) Examples are too heavy on the Apple fanboy love, when so many others are available, and there is this sense, despite the hard orange cover with its glossy Helvetica type in a trendy slim, vertical format, that this book is actually a rough [...]

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