08 Feb 2011 1234H

On Twitter, again

Yeah, it’s bullshit but I update Facebook and Linkedin more than I care to admit, so I am going to place all my liveblogging and microblogging eggs in the Twitter basket. Follow me @genemoy on Twitter: Readers of this blog have no doubt noticed the disappearances of the regular Delicious bookmarking updates. I been taking [...]

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18 May 2010 1948H

Not to brag or nothin’, but. . .

It’s rather late but I was wondering recently what had happened to my former clients, before I went to work in-house e-commerce and then into the dark, murky world of blood plumbing and heart muscle electrical wiring. Well, apparently, back in August of last year, Tim Bay of Shay Digital reported some results from a [...]

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29 Nov 2009 0833H

Black Friday internet sales up 35% over last year

“It was a stronger picture for Internet retailing. The average online order on Black Friday rose 35% from last year, to $170.19, according to online retail analyst Coremetrics — an indication that people may be looking to buy gifts after a year of economic woes.” Link

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26 Nov 2009 0647H

Data visualization of Thanksgiving food trends in America

Fascinating visualization tool of American food trends this Thanksgiving by way of the New York Times.

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16 Jan 2009 1307H

Circuit City throws in the towel

Sad to hear. While at Sears online services, round 2, we admired the work they’d done there. They did some great things there in my opinion to try and salvage the brand: in-store pickup worked like a charm; the website user experience was top notch. In the end nothing could help solve drastic market conditions [...]

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12 Jan 2009 1815H

E-commerce book wars? Hardly.

I see in today’s news that William J. Lynch, Jr has been hired away from HSN to head up Barnes and Noble’s direct commerce division, this after Borders named a new CEO. Considering that BN.com made $422.9m in 2008, and that Borders.com, in the first seven months it was open made $20.3m, and with BGP [...]

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18 Nov 2008 1350H

Stop reading, start doing

People ask what a good reading list is for our interdiscipline. But I like to be the contrarian. I say stop reading. Take an interaction. It can be any interaction but preferably human-machine interface. Take it apart. Figure out what is the desired path. Figure out where things can or do go wrong. Put it [...]

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21 Oct 2008 1507H

Progressive disclosure redux

The other day I came across the improper and proper use of progressive disclosure. For those not in the know, progressive disclosure (PD) is a technique we use in interface design, partly to mitigate information overload, to signal that a secondary action is possible, and if selected, information will be solicited from the user. So [...]

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21 Oct 2008 1447H

Are carousels abused?

Probably. We talk about carousels but no one properly seems to know what are the appropriate contexts around when to use them. For those not in the know, carousels are a kind of web user interface widget that essentially displays a subset of a larger set of information in a loop, and typically not only [...]

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08 Sep 2008 0706H

Just because it works in a u-test. . .

doesn’t necessarily mean that the user will be incented (incentivized?) to take an action. In other words, beyond the role that user experience plays in making things findable and easy to use — for those of us who work in e-commerce, anyway — there is this other role we play in promotion of features. For [...]

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